The Mulberry house is ideal for special events. It is a most enchanting location, overlooking the river Tiber, in the heart of the Umbrian countryside. The atmosphere of the house is both relaxing and elegant. The garden is surrounded by cultivated fields, woods and pastures creating a landscape which is romantic and timeless, enhanced by the glow of the sunsets in the valley.

It is a pleasure to stay at the Mulberry House, at any time of year. A perfect location for a family or friends reunion, or a wedding and offering the possibility for a number of guests to stay before or after any event. For guests wishing to combine an event or a wedding with some sightseeing, there are plenty of opportunities.

There are possibilities for arranging tables and catering on the beautiful lawns in the garden. The olive trees surrounding the entire garden can be adorned with different types of lighting making the atmosphere even more romantic. Happy hour can be enjoyed by the pool, maybe with the accompaniment of a string quartet or some jazz music. Romantic lighting can be arranged, and the photographer can find some hidden corners in the garden to create some unforgettable memories of that special day.

The Mulberry House can host up to 150 people. Eventually a wedding ceremony can take place in a secluded area of the garden, where there is a structure, surrounded by cypresses and olive trees, showing a fresco of the Madonna with the baby Jesus and a Guardian Angel.

Alternatively, weddings can be celebrated in Montecastello di Vibio in the Church of Saints Filippo and Giacomo, where the Madonna dei Portenti is venerated. An other option is Todi, in the Duomo, built in the XII century on the remains of a temple dedicated to the god Apollo which is characterized by a long access stairway and a beautiful Romanesque façade.

In the Municipalities of Todi or Montecastello di Vibio you can choose enchanting locations as La Terrazza del Convento delle Lucrezie, located in a convent cloister and overlooking the hills offering a spectacular view.

For the newlyweds first night, the house offers a master bedroom that overlooks a private terrace with an outdoor seating area. It is located on the first floor with an enchanting view on the hills and pastures, and can also be used for preparation to the ceremony.

At night the house lights up and becomes even more impressive because of the suggestive lighting along the stone walls and arches of the portico. The evening can be concluded with a final party by the pool. The cake cutting can be accompanied by the launch of balloons and confetti, with the lights in the valley creating the perfect background!